Sanitizer Spray Gun / Disinfectant Spray Gun

Necessary for Disinfection】: Equipped with strong light grains, effectively assist the sterilization function. The normal design of temperature atomization is safer than high-temperature atomization! Not only does the mist sprayer make the liquid medicine ingredients more effective, but it also prevents the generation of harmful gases.

Large Capacity】: Large container design, can disinfect a larger area one time! Detachable copper nozzle and internal conduit are anti-clogging design, built-in liquid filter, more durable.

Rechargeable Design】: Large lithium battery-powered wireless nano electric gun, 1h charge, continuous working time up to 2h. 110V-240V universal rated voltage, safe and convenient.

Adjustable Intensity】: High-quality nano nozzle,high temperature resistant PA material, rapid atomization, Our disinfectant nano fogger can adjust the amount of spray by turning the switch on the handle. It can reach a spray distance of up to 2 meters. the amount of fog is large,With blue light, you can see the fog clearly.

Widely Used】: In addition to disinfecting and removing odors in homes, schools, companies, transportation, etc., you can also add other liquids to the spray bottle for garden plants; Besides, it can also be used in salons, effective for hair moisturizing and care.

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