Automatic Soap Dispenser
Automatic Soap Dispenser / Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

        An automatic soap dispenser is a great addition to any bathroom, kitchen, office, or anywhere where frequent hand washing is critical. While standard dispensers require touch and put users at risk of spreading germs, automatic soap dispensers eliminate this problem. When looking for the best automatic soap dispenser, factors like capacity, battery requirements, and appearance should be considered.

        Kinouwell™ provide different models automatic soap dispensers for you. And we have all types automatic hand sanitizer dispensers such as wall mounted type, wall mounted tray type, floor standing type, table top type. With the best advanced sensors, our device can dispense soap within 0.1 seconds. Kinouwell™ Automatic Soap Dispensers are suitable for use in bathrooms, hotels, family rooms, hospitals and more. An elevated nozzle makes for a more natural and comfortable trajectory for dispensing.

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