Atomizing Sterilizer & Nano Spray Gun KW-SG800

Item No.: KW-SG800
Atomizing Sterilizer & Nano Spray Gun(Sanitizer Spray Gun)
Blue ray sterilization is safer
Hospital, Home, Shop, Office
Instantly reduces the risk of infection
Turn blue and help kill viruses & quickly sterilize surfaces
Kinouwell™ Sanitizer Spray Gun
Sanitizer Nano Spray Gun - Professional virus disinfection tools. You can get the job (virus disinfection) done quickly. Services: Basements, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Attics.
Do your part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by cleaning, disinfecting and protecting your workspace. Our Kinouwell™ Sanitizer Spray Gun includes quality cleaning, truly disinfecting with our revolutionary spray system, which is proven to kill harmful bacteria and viruses such as novel Coronavirus, other virus.
Product Parameter
Model KW-DS350
Bottle volume 800 ml
Charging time 2 Hours
Usage time 3 Hours
Power supply DC 12V
Rated voltage 110-240V/50Hz
Rated power 10 w
Battery capacity 2600 Ma
Product dimension 22*21 cm
Product weight 900 g
Packing 10pcs/CTN, CTN size: 59.5*44.5*27.5 cm, GW: 10 kg

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